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Ultra Hot Deluxe

Among the most requested questions slots players get asked is -- how alluring you need hot your sexy retro slots to be? And the answer might only be "Ultra Hot Deluxe" which happens to be the title of one of the very famous Novomatic slot machines. Following on from the success of different games at the "Sexy" series like Sizzling Hot Deluxe along with also the Xtra Hot slot machine, this game is sexy for all of the right reasons also.

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There are big prizes to be won for spinning-in and lining-up lots of everybody's favorite slot symbols such as cherries, plums, lemons and oranges, in addition to pubs, celebrities and lucky 7. There is also a special bonus prize, in addition to a Double-Your-Prize Gamble Feature.

With prizes of up to 1,500,000 coins up for grabs, spin-stakes begin from 20 coins with many different line-bets to match all preferences. You could even play with this game on a vast array of computers, mobile devices, and cellular phones such as notebooks, desktops, iPads, Android Tablets, Kindle Fires, Google Nexus Tablets, iPhones, Smartphones, Windows Phones and BlackBerry.

Reely Straightforward

This game might be quite hot but it's also very straightforward as it is played with a 3 x 3 reel grid with 5 pair pay-lines. As it is one of those Novomatic Hot Slots you will also realize that the symbols burst into flames to observe all wins!

By the instant any of these symbols burst in to flames, which could be from the first spin of the slots, you should begin building your bank till a flaming luck with wins around 80,000 coins to get lining-up Cherries, Lemons, Oranges, and Plums. Prizes keep getting juicier out there however as it is possible to win around 120,000 coins to get lining-up pubs, whilst it is around 400,000 coins to get lining-up stars. There is only 1 decoration that'll interest high-rollers though and that is the only for lining-up everybody's favorite emblem -- the lucky 7. Strike five lucky 7's about almost any pay-line and you may walk away with a badly sexy top-prize of 1,500,000 coins -- yes that is just one million and five hundred million coins. There is also a sweet little bonus where you will receive your prizes doubled on each of 5 lines in the event that you're able to fill all nine places on the reels with the identical fruit.

Your pleasure does not need to stop there however, and lots of players simply love to attempt to raise their winnings on the Double-Your-Prize Gamble Feature -- however, the decision is completely yours. Should you wish to risk to double your prize, all you've got to do is predict if the face-down playing card you are going to be presented with is either black or red. Choose correctly and you're going to double your dosh!

Whilst everyone can play this game -- to sense its ultra-hotness you are going to need to do a little bit of high-rolling. Crank-up the warmth by increasing your bet from the minimum wager of 20 coins everywhere around the maximum wager of 10,000 coins per spin.

An ultra-hot slot with large prizes, a distinctive all-lines bonus, and a opportunity to always double your money -- is not it time to determine if you're able to deal with the heat?

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