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Triple X Slots

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Prepare for a dynamic encounter, with a few hidden surprises along with a easy gameplay for many gamers to enjoy and win big.

Triple X is now a video slot game manufactured by LIONLINE and according to classic casino slot machines. What the game lacks in terms of imagination and graphics, it constitutes big cash rewards and terrific accessibility which should allow it to be a hit among newcomers online free slots forever marketplace.

Without further ado, let us give Triple X a suitable debut and look more carefully at exactly what makes it distinctive - and the best methods to reach the jackpot as frequently as possible.

Despite its simplicity, Triple X is also very wonderful to check at and boasts a slick and lively game screen that lots of players will appreciate.

Very few details to examine, but the symbols and command bar at the bottom look crisp and neat, and they stand out nicely on the pitch black background.

Up to now, Triple X looks and feels like yet another retro slot game with a modern makeover, but there might be more under the surface that could surprise you. To start with, let's see how to get the game started.

As it turns out, Triple X is equally as simple to play as one would imagine given its simple layout.

The game matrix is as straightforward as can be: 3 spinning reels and 5 paylines running across them. Be certain that you land winning symbol combinations onto these paylines, and a cash prize is yours. Each rewards is based upon the symbols themselves and the size of your wager also. As stated before, simply use the (+) and (-) signs in the command bar below the reels to adjust all of your bet settings, and allow the reels spin loose.

After each win, you'll find an opportunity to double or even quadruple your rewards. Play the mini gamble game and guess the colour or suit of a hidden card to do so, which can prove very rewarding in the long run. Bear in mind that a wrong answer will take away all your coins, so be mindful. The autospin mode is another way to accelerate the game, wherever your bet is going to be put over several spins in a row.

The paytable of Triple X contains just 8 primary symbols, taken straight from a traditional slot machine setup and familiar to the great majority of players out there.

The most frequent and least rewarding of all symbols are the cherries, lemons, oranges, plums, grapes and watermelons. On the plus side, you'll receive many opportunities to score several winning combinations with these symbols, given how often they show up on the reels.

The stars, bells and bar signs are much rarer but, at precisely the exact same time, also more valuable. Payouts can go up to 100 times your wager with a combo of 3 bar signs on the screen, which ought to be sufficient to amount to a handsome payout down the road.

There's one final symbol present in the paytable of Triple X that's somewhat different from the other icons, a concession to modern slot gameplay of sorts.

This significant X symbol functions as a scatter, meaning it may trigger a cash prize wherever it lands on the game screen. Forget about the paylines for a minute and just keep spinning the reels until you get 3 of them to appear.

Along with a cash prize, a 3-X combinations on the reels also initiates a bonus round of 10 free spins. Use this exceptional occasion to score many additional cash rewards without risking anything in the first location.

The Triple X Factor

Triple X looks and feels mostly like a vintage slot game, despite upgraded graphics and a simplified gameplay to ensure players a fast start on the reels irrespective of their level of experience.

The principal characteristic of the game is the unexpected scatter symbol. Old-school games usually stick to basic symbols, but Triple X opted to feature just a tiny surprise - coupled with an original expanded game matrix. This little modification makes the game stand out a little, without being actually revolutionary.

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