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Tokyo Nights

With a name like Tokyo Nights you won't be surprised to learn that this match has a Japanese motif. But intentionally obvious theme aside, it is evident this PariPlay game has lots going for it. Allowing it to rub shoulder with the largest matches round, the multiplayer will surely have players speaking.

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In general, Tokyo Nights is definitely a game which brings a great deal to the table. The game both feels and looks impressive, but a match should deliver on its capacity to truly be special. Let's find out if it can meet the hype and do the PariPlay name proud.

Tokyo Nights is one of those PariPlay appeal to the worldwide slot machine market. This 5-reel, 25-payline slots game is one that you can't afford to pass over for this reason.

The theme is based upon Japanese nightlife and there are a number of references to the Yakuza and other seedy things that go on under the moonlight thrown into the mix. As a backdrop, what's on show here will work to establish the tone for what this game is all about.

Tokyo Nights features several symbols which match this theme, such as a DJ, dancers, a Geisha girl, a ninja, and a gangster that make this an eye-catching game. In the event that you should describe the visual appearance in 1 word it would probably be "punchy", as the graphics used certainly carry tons of oomph.

Tokyo Nights really starts to pick up steam in the bonus department, but let us tell you that the bonus round is among the weirdest (and macabre) we've ever seen. Through the bonus round you need to decide on a bottle of interest to the boss to beverage. If he succeeds then you win a trophy and if not then the round ends. It feels like a strange bonus game but you will get used to it, as it does offer up some fairly big prizes.

Outside of that the bonkers bonus game, Tokyo Nights also features wilds and scatter bonuses in addition to such for much more opportunities to win it big. The wild symbol can choose the place of additional essential symbols to complete a winning combination, while the scatter bonus provides you a cash prize even if it isn't landed on an active payline.

You may select how many paylines are active and bet between 1p and 50p per line for a maximum bet of #12.50 per spin. With figures like this, Tokyo Nights is probably a more approachable game than most would think.

If you've not tried Tokyo Nights yet then you should really give it a go. It is a slot machine that's easy to pick up but hard to put down as soon as you've got your teeth stuck in. When you've played it just once you are going to be back for longer before you know that, largely as gambling begins at a very low 1p.

Living the High Life in Tokyo Nights!

There is no doubt that Tokyo Nights is an enjoyable sport, but the fact is PariPlay have set out better games. It's still worth your time and money, however, since it's still a good deal of fun to play at its core, especially in the event that you trigger the "unique" bonus features. The game is absolutely an odd beast and, while this is appealing to some, it does go towards explaining why it's taking a little time to win over the masses.

Getting down to brass tax, Tokyo Nights is one of those games that really grows on you the more you play it. Consequently, if you feel a little underwhelmed at first that's no reason to give up on it. Continue moving and play the bonus around several times and see how you feel after that. The more you play Tokyo Nights the more enjoyable and rewarding it's, it merely turns out to be a game that requires a little warming up also.

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