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Temple of Keys Slots

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What type of a game can Temple of Keys be? It is clearly a movie slot, but what type of experience could be in store?

Why, it might just be an Indiana Jones motivated quest. Of that there's absolutely not any doubt.

It is a well-worn topic, however, one with so many aspects to it there isn't any lack of strategies to re-spin and rework it. Novomatic, the firm behind Temple of Keys, are a commendable programmer whose biggest strength is most likely their capacity to invent new bonus features and other quirks which increase their matches over the ordinary.

To take a look at, Temple of Keys is an appealing -- albeit perhaps not magnificent -- match using a jungle vibe to it. We are speaking dense vegetation, exotic (and sometimes dangerous) animals and obviously a mysterious appearing temple which looks in a clearing, awaiting our Indy-esque protagonist to control in and relieve it of its wealth.

The game plays out on a 5x4 design, using a close-up of this elaborate stone temple serving as the background. Spin the reels and a few naff music plays out until the symbols fall into perspective. Some of these, like the monkey, seem pretty awesome, while some, like Indy, our intrepid explorer, are kitsch personified.

On top right of this display, you will find controls for toggling the sound effects and audio off or on and for switching to full screen. There is also a help button in case you need extra info. Round the bottom of the display, a few recognizable looking controllers are laid out in Novomatic's favorite fashion.

Next to this, you will find the controls to the amount of pay lines, which may be put from 1-50. As you fix them with the plus and minus buttons, then a string of animation bullet sounds ring outside.

The identical side effects are enacted when you fix the quantity bet per line, which may vary from 1 to 200. With the amount of lines along with the wager level set, it is only a case of hitting begin and allowing lady fortune dictate your destiny.

The playing with card-based symbols, which form the cheapest value symbols from the sport, are worth a paltry two for 3 at a row of 9, 10, J or Q. 5 of them are worth a marginally more respectable 40, increasing to 80 to get 5x K or A in a row. Next up is your gemstone or gold treasure.

Most of them in the hierarchy come the fighter as well as the leopard, every one of which control 400 for 5 fitting symbols.

Scatter is performed with a gold treasure map also applies a multiplier to some wins you score on the reels. For 3 Fragrant this multiplier is set at only 1, but it quickly climbs to 10 to get 4x scatters and also to 100 to get 5x.

If you have been playing the most wager along with a multiplier value of 10, then you're main1tain the most jackpot sum possible.

Keys Worth Spreading

Whenever you score a win on the reels, you still have the capacity to double up it with the assistance of the bet button. Click this button to trigger the bet feature, whereupon you will be tasked with calling the sign of the following card that is produced, club or heart. Get it right and you will double up; get it wrong and you're going to get rid of the lot.

Temple of Secrets is not the prettiest game you will ever play, but it is a fun video slot yet. Novomatic have not gone out of the way to integrate unusual or advanced features, but in fact it isn't a deal-breaker. Using its own wild and scatter symbols, Temple of Keys works just fine, supplying ample amusement.

It is not a life-changing match, but it is one which acquits itself nicely and accomplishes everything it sets out to do using the minimal of fuss.

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