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Mixing old and new is a ever-popular notion amongst slot game programmers, but few games can pull off a completely original appearance and gameplay when doing this.

Super Cubes by Openbet is a video slot game which figured out the way to do precisely that and provide gamers with a dynamic gaming experience which will keep them to the edge of their chairs. Get ready to encounter something new, while remain1ing in (largely) familiar land.

Read our comprehensive review of Super Cubes to address the puzzle that's this Openbet production, and discover more about all of the possibilities you need to win large...

Super Cubes seems and a small number of special features that are worth mentioning here to players that are aiming at the greatest wins possible -- as you ought to be.

The Green Seven is a particular symbol that doesn't have any particular price but instead functions as a Wild card. This merely means it may replace any other emblem and help you finish one or more mixes throughout the display easily.

Super Cubes also includes a Progressive Jackpot that players may win randomly throughout their gambling session. A minimum stake clause applies here, which simply means that to be able to win the whole jackpot you will need to place a minimum quantity of coins on the table in the first location. Irrespective of your settings, you're in for a large reward.

A Different Slot Game Experience

Super Cubes takes players out of their comfort zone and gives them the chance to try out something new concerning look and gameplay. The result has plenty of winning possibilities in store despite a somehow "messy" look once the reels begin to spin.

Sugar Cubes sadly doesn't have a great deal of special features or Bonuses for players to enjoy, which greatly limits its appeal in the long run. Only if you're all about Progressive Jackpots are you going to be able to forget about it and keep these strange reels spinning.

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