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Super Star 81

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There are a number of ways to design a video slot game. Some programmers decide to envision a profound and intricate backstory others prefer to take you through a trip into the past to find an early civilisation.

Super Star 81 is an ideal example of that trend, which utilises classic gaming elements and gives them a more modern makeover to fulfill the requirements of today's players.

If you really feel like a trip down memory lane without leaving the comfort of your own house, read our entire review of Super Star 81 and see whether that's a game for you.

Among the most characteristic features of classic slot games like Super Star 81 is their graphic simplicity, as you'll have seen on other slots deom this developer like the Super Lines 2 slot.

The transparent reels occupy the majority of the space, making the bright symbols spinning on them very visible. Which makes sense when it comes to gameplay, naturally.

A pleasant melody plays each time you spin the reels, together with tons of sound effects following each winning combination.

Basic rules for a Fantastic start

Playing Super Star 81 is a straightforward undertaking, made easy by the easy and intuitive gameplay. This is just one more characteristic of Kajot Gaming creations, and fans of their games are going to be in familiar territory here.

The game features four reels, with three symbols each, exactly enjoy the similar Jokerstar 81 slot. It's not necessary to search for particular paylines here, combinations appearing anywhere on screen will count. This usually means that you have 81 distinct possibilities to win with each spin, thus the name of the game. The (+) and (-) switches located at the bottom of the game screen will nonetheless allow you to modify the size of your bet per line. Increase it to maximize your potential winnings, which depend also on the kind of symbols forming winning combinations during the game.

Click the Start button to begin your turn, sit back and hope for many symbols combinations. After each win, a mini guessing game will start automatically to provide you a opportunity to double your reward yet again. You may even test the Auto Start mode to put Super Star 81 on autopilot mode for so long as you like, thus allowing to keep on betting over and over again.

Symbols from the Great old days

Concerning reel symbols, Super Star 81 sticks yet again to the very basic elements of the genre and uses classic icons from arcade slot machines.

The lower payouts of the game are linked to symbols like the Dollar Signs, Oranges, Cherries, Bar Signs and Plums. They'll appear frequently on your screen to compensate for their low price, thus giving you a opportunity to score multiple winning combinations with them within a single turn.

With just some of them, you can multiply your first bet over and over again and leave the game significantly richer than when you started -- and that is without even mentioning the possibilities given by the mini guessing game we mentioned earlier.

A little surprise to Complete

Super Star 81 would not be complete without some type of special feature, a Bonus ready to add some flavor to your game and add a little unpredictability to the total mix.

The Joker Star is that element of surprise. This excess symbol has a lot of characteristics that makes it both distinctive and very important for players who wish to make the most out of the game -- which is to say, who wish to get richer fast.

To start with, the Joker Star is the most valuable symbol of the game. Joker Star combinations are worth 120 times your wager, which is more than decent in this game. And to top it off, the Joker Star is also the Wild card of Super Star 81, and most likely the main1 reason the game was named that way also. Our magic star can indeed replace any other symbol that will assist you produce new combinations across the reels easily.

A starter pack for slot games

Super Star 81 is an easy, straightforward and quick game to play. Beginners will love this, and it provides a terrific introduction to the slot game universe.

More experienced players will however regret the absence of other normal features like Scatters, Multipliers or Free Spins let alone the 3D graphics from the most recent online creations like iSoftBets Clout Tales slot.

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