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Stretch Limo

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Regardless of what the occasion, nothing spells class like rolling up to an event in a very long limousine. When it's for a wedding celebration, a prom night, or simply because you've got the money to cover your team to appear at the most outlandish fashion possible, a huge automobile is a certain indication to everybody else in the region that you're attempting to get the best time you can on this evening.

Even if most people are blessed to drive in these vehicles a couple of occasions in our lives, all of us understand them as a indication of fortune and fame. That is likely why Lightning Box Games decided to utilize them to get their online slot machine, Stretch Limo. It is a sport filled with a number of the luxuries enjoyed by the wealthy and famous. Additionally, the limousines themselves also take a look, and do this in a thematic and advanced manner which connects them to some free spins bonus around.

Stretch Limo is a five-reel, 25 line slot machine that's steeped in a lavish theme. The images here are a little simplistic in contrast to create Lightning Box names: everything is simple enough to differentiate, but the artwork is not particularly comprehensive, and the background is dark and just includes a very simple city skyline without more to look at.

In terms of the gameplay itself, it starts -- as do most slots from this company -- with the always popular card games ranks, like jacks, queens, kings, and aces. Needless to say, these only award some relatively tiny prizes, and you will want to hit the more interesting icons to be able to capture larger rewards.

What's nice here is that the remain1ing symbols are all meant to be luxury products, therefore it is reasonable that you'd win a good deal of money by hitting them. There are stacks of casino chips, cigars, champagne, and expensive watches, all which you may make long lines of to get a large boost to your bankroll.

No game named Stretch Limo would be complete without the titular vehicle itself, needless to say. And because these are some quite long cars, they're much too big for any 1 position on the reels to deal with. Instead, each symbol related to them features just region of the limousine: the back, the middle, or the front.

To be able to actually get anything out of these icons, you will want to line them up to make a complete vehicle on the screen during a single spin. While this happens, you will be rewarded with 10 free spins, with the capability to win even more plays if it's possible to retrigger the bonus. Of course, you ought to do something very similar to find these additional spins: match up the 3 components of a white limousine, and you're going to get 15 more free plays during which you may collect even more cash.

Stretch Limo might not be the most visually impressive game ever developed by Lightning Box Games, but it still has a lot going for it, at least for the perfect kinds of players. This is only one of the more basic machines we've reviewed in some time, with no real twists and just a free spins game -- something you see in virtually all contemporary slots -- to mix things up. If you're contented with just the basics from your gambling games, then this may be a slot you will want to try out -- particularly if you would like to feel like a big shot with a giant vehicle as you play.

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