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Secret Jewels Of Azteca

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It is crazy to believe that there was a civilisation that forfeited individuals on a regular basis to appease the gods. The culture we're speaking about is, of course, that the Aztecs.

Many casino slot game programmers really like to appear at the Aztecs for inspiration, but we've been waiting for somebody to really do something worthwhile with the topic matter. From the looks of things PariPlay are set to right that wrong, since the release of Jewels of Azteca certainly looks to get players talking.

PariPlay has a reputation for creating games that actually come flying out of the blocks upon release, with Secret Jewels of Azteca seemingly being no exception to this.

In the backdrop you'll see a clear blue sky, as players are transported to the center of the Aztec empire, with one of the regions famed statues looming over the reels. At this time a ceremony of the fire is taking place and the reels are put on top of a stage, elevated above all else.

Several areas of the gear have a number associated with it, which corresponds to an in-game payline.

The reels contain jewels that will be your symbols for this specific game, being specific there are sapphires, rubies, emeralds, and variants of these jewels featured. The variants have some sort of design on them, which will have you wondering what it does, but that's a secret which will be revealed later on.

The designers over at PariPlay produced a user interface that is suitable for so naturally with this game and really ought to be commended for that.

The spin button is in the center of the reels, as it functions as a centre point for each and every component of Secret Jewels of Azteca.

Under this, you'll come across a display for your total win amount, which actually has its own particular animation. To the left, there's a rock that has the word "Bet" engraved into it. You click on that rock to be able to improve the bet or reduce the bet as you please.

Bursting at the Seams

To find out more on this mysterious slot, have a look at the statue, as that is where the info button lies. In general, Secret Jewels of Azteca may be a feature packed release, but the control process is really straightforward to comprehend, which certainly stands it in good stead.

Uncovering a Secret

This is a 5-reel slot (all be it an unorthodox variation), with it forcing the action through 5-paylines. There are tons of bonuses to be had in Secret Jewels of Azteca so get ready. Kicking things off, there's a wild symbol, that's the crystal that changes colour. Whenever you have two of these symbols on a single line, the colour is going to be decided by the bottom row.

Should you just happen to get all four wilds, then you are going to win the game's bumper jackpot.

From Green to Glory

There's a free spin mechanic included within this PariPlay release, which is represented by a green jewel which has an arrow within it. This will reward you with a free spin when it lands inside a winning combination; on top of that it will double your win.

For even more multipliers, you must land four moon symbols to be able to activate Super Multiplier Mode. In this mode, expect some wild shenanigans, as here is where you can really rack up some huge payouts.

Navigating the Crypt of Fortune

There's one final feature of note within Secret Jewels of Azteca. If you collect four bonus symbols, you'll need to navigate the Crypt of Fortune. With all these features, it's clear as to why such a fuss is being made over this PariPlay title.

Discovering the Secret Jewels of Azteca

The reality is that Secret Jewels of Azteca is a surprise slots package that nobody saw coming. Fresh and fascinating, you'd be foolish to not try this game on for size when given the opportunity.

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