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Reely Roulette

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Reely Roulette is one of a collection of slots developed by Leander that provide a terrific mix of a traditional slot alongside another gambling pursuit, this roulette based game joining others which introduce elements of bingo and poker into the slot arena. It may not be evident at first glance, however, the basic game is only a slot using 5 slots, the symbols nevertheless all representing numbers on a roulette wheel. You will triumph as you want at any slot machine, by landing those amounts straight from left to right on a triumph lineup. The sport comes into play a negative bet option along with the bonus round from the game.

As you may expect, this slot machine is set against the background of a roulette table, the reels sat at a wooden framework set against the green felt of the gaming design. It would be reasonable to say this is not the most aesthetically exciting slot, however it does match the roulette theme nicely. The accompanying background sound is a tiny bit 'lounge music', which to be honest isn't particularly noticeable -- accompanied by the sounds of the spinning reels.

The feature round of the slot takes you to a game of true roulette at which you are going to have the chance to place a string of free bets.

However should you want to use the side bet option you are going to need to play all the 30 win lines. The side bet option sees a mini roulette betting layout appear to the right of the slot and you are going to have the ability to place such bets as red or black, odd or even, 1st 6 and 2nd 6 as well as individual numbers. The number which appears on the middle of reel 5 will be the winning number for the side bet. Having placed a side bet, this identical bet will continue for each subsequent spin till you opt to change it.

The number 1 is the top paying standard symbol in the game at 700x for 5 and these pay-outs decrease as the numbers increase, landing 5 twelves in a row winning you just 100x.

This slot has an auto play option where you are able to set the slot to play automatically for as much as 500 spins, this a fantastic option as you keep a close watch on your side bet as the reels spin themselves. There's also a mute option and a speed setting. The info button is also handy as it tells you all the pay-outs at the slot in addition to instructions regarding how you are going to land the feature.

This will see you taken to a screen where you are going to pick a chip to find out whether you are going to have 3, four or five wheels in play. You'll have 12 chips to place anywhere on the betting layout with the maximum single bet being 9 chips. Each chip is the value of your whole bet at the slot and should a bet win at one or more of the reels you're going to be paid out in precisely the exact same way as at a roulette wheel, with exactly the identical 36x odds for a single number and double your money for an even money bet like red/black or odd/even. Having placed your bets, the roulette wheels will spin on peak of the screen and each will stop in turn to reveal the winning number.

Reel Roulette Conclusion

This slot by Leander is a really original one, taking two traditional types of gambling and merging them into one. This is surely a slot where you'll have difficulty becoming bored, particularly when you've got the side bet in play. The feature round is the highlight of the slot and could possibly provide you a large win, although if anything this round is a small quick, considering you might need to wait some time to achieve it.

This slot will be a hit with any casino fans, although in comparison to Reely Bingo and Reely Poker, this is possibly the weakest of the three. As a roulette fan however, I'll be returning to play again.

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