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Rainbow Riches Leapin Leprechauns

The Rainbow wealth collection from Barcrest is probably their best known and most prosperous collection of slot games and has more than its reasonable share of copycats consequently, Irish fortune has ever been a good favorite online wizard of oz free slots casino motif. The scope was enlarged with the newest Rainbow Riches 'Pick and mix' slotmachine, and capitalising on the franchises prevalence, we view Barcrest launch their first instant win design match.

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Leapin Leprechauns simplifies the conventional scratchcard game structure of immediate win names and instead introduces a fundamental interactive animated match, reminiscent of video game players of their first RPG titles played if they're younger. Whilst Leprechauns are famous for their fortune, they are not so famed for athletic skill, are you going to leap to the heavens to main1tain your rewards are you going to measure off this stage game back into one of its own slot established sisters?

This match begins with all our intrepid Leprechaun hero onto a hilltop ledge, overlooking a glorious summer sunshine valley, drifting in the air in front of these are just five stages of green ground, you have to jump through 5 to select up a minute random money prize.

Atop every stage is a logo, horseshoes, bows. Hearts as well as the magical hat all provide power-ups, A black kitten, the number 13, a busted mirror or stage along with a snake kind hurdles that can require a saved power-up to conquer, differently, game finished. Gather a pot of golden in addition to any stage on path for additional charge awards.

The simple game structure is straightforward, since it is a fast win game that you don't have any line controllers, it's just a case of deciding on a bet worth and rather literally using a leap of faith working with the onscreen personality. Needless to say, as an immediate win name, there's not any free spins, regular slot sport characteristics or bonus rounds to be obtained.


I haven't been a massive lover of scratch names, this game appears to sit between slots and them which is an excellent concept, or an extremely bad one. I am not certain, it is likely to be just one for your gamers to pick, since the game is not published in its final version however, ideally the triumph cartoons, audio and sound effects include enough into the gameplay to appeal to players in addition to instant win players.

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