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Techniques to Play Free Slots no download no registration in Phoenix and the Dragon

The article seeks to give you what you need to know about the theme, gameplay, bonus, benefits and other things about Phoenix and the Dragon slot game, which can be played at Argent Casino Games websites. If you do not understand the background of any game, you cannotlear n the playing techniques. The theme is that of a Chinese myth. Because of this, the machine is full of Chinese elements in it. The major gameplay is that of the two animals fighting themselves even on the air. It is a casino slot that comes with 5 reels and 25 paylines all for fun. While the sound and graphics that are also about the Chinese life will excite you, you will be more excited to note that you can play this game without downloading any app. for instance, when you want to play it at Argentcasinogames.co.nz in any city, you simply need to open up any browser on your pc or any mobile device and enjoy amazing gaming with no registration and no download. When playing Phoenix and the Dragon, you have a lot of benefits to enjoy and they include numerous bonuses and extra features in the game.

Phoenix and the Dragon

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Phoenix and the Dragon bonuses

There are several bonus symbols in the game, and you win them by making a choice. The major task for players who play free slots no download no registration is to choose who will be the winner in the battle between the phoenix and the dragon. If the outcome favors you, then the next bonus round will become available for you as you go ahead and pick the next bonus. When you play with bonus, it is easy for you to win games at ACG. The two major bonuses with which you can play free slots no download no registration here are the phoenix free spins and the dragon cud features. The free spins will give you 8 free spins when you select phoenix as the winner and she wins. You can get wilds on these spin and activate more spins through them. However, if you pick the dragon and she wins, you will select from the prizes in the next rounds, and they come with x2 multiplier. You can use up to 20 coins on each line. The maximum bet is $0.20, so you can bet $4 in each line, making it up to $100 if you play the entire 25. It comes with a $3,000 maximum payout when you play free slots no download no registration.

Phoenix and the Dragon for mobile devices

There is no explicit information on whether this game can be played on mobile with ipad, tablet and iPhone. However, all other games from the same manufacturer are mobile enabled, so you should check this one out too. Above all, it is a gaming experience you will like to have. This is because the fight between the two creatures makes the game unique. Enough information about the game has been given above, read and understand the best way to play and enjoy the game.

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