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Mad Hares

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The majority of us think of rabbits as cute little bunnies, pets and adorable animals we might occasionally catch a glimpse of in our yards or in an open field. However, for a minumum of one significant profession, these produces are far more of a pest than a boon. Rabbits are a danger to consume or dig plants, which makes them something of a scourge to farmers -- even if they're still cute when they jump around a corn field.

Mad Hares is an internet slot system from Lightning Box Games that investigates this less cherished facet of those creatures. Players will find the chance to live the life span of a farmer trying to increase food whilst coping with these adorable cottontails. With loads of action along with a springtime setting, it is an enjoyable little machine which knows not to take itself overly seriously.

Presents from the Easter Bunny

Mad Hares is a five-reel, 25 payline slot machine which may be played for as little as a cent per coin. The game employs plenty of light colours, making us feel like it was attempting to offer an Easter appearance and texture; even if that's never explicitly said during the match, in the very least we feel comfortable saying that the game would like to offer the sensation of a warm spring day. The graphics and artwork are largely cartoonish and brightly colored, making this a light, inviting game for players to take into account.

While the machine might appear casual, however, the gameplay is pretty much the same as any severe slot. The longer your combinations, the larger the prizes.

Which symbols you chance to match will also determine precisely how much you'll win. The game starts with a string of poker ranks, from nines through kings, which will offer some tiny rewards. These include tractors, flowers, tools, and fertilizer amongst others. Harder to find, these can provide you bigger prizes, particularly in the event that it's possible to join with four or five in a row.

Needless to say, the hare itself can also be located on the reels, as can some good gold carrots. These symbols and others are able to help you to find your way to second screen bonus features, with many different different bonus rounds accessible to earn players even more instant prizes and free spins.

Mad Hares was originally developed by IGT, but it was Lightning Box Games that brought this title to the internet world. The end result is a wonderfully authentic version of a game that has delighted fans in many casinos throughout america and around the world for ages.

In general, while the theme is really generic and the gameplay is largely straightforward, we still think this game has a lot to offer for players who only need a light, enjoyable experience when they sit down to play a slot machine. This may not be the first pick for an extremely experienced or serious casino gambler, but for more casual slots fans, Mad Hares is absolutely an enjoyable choice.

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