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Kingdom Of Legend

Kingdom of Legend is a action-packed video slot against respected games programmer Novomatic. Fire it up and also an epic soundtrack will instantly start to play, permitting you to know that you are going to embark on the mom of quests. Your characters will be risking life and limb in their pursuit of bliss, as you will just be compelled to threat your bankroll as you tap it in this 5-reel slot together with the expectation of earning clutching more moolah than you began with.

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The game unfolds inside a 5x4 design, providing loads of screen real estate to gaze at. You will find 40 lines in most along with the bet per line could be put at anywhere from 1 to 250. This allows for a maximum wager of 10,000 and a maximum pay from 250x your bet.

There is a bonus game constructed in and crazy symbols to accumulate, but no dot. There's a double bet feature however, permitting the daring to take little wins and then turn them into something more substantial, the slots gods prepared.

A Legend in Your Pay Line

Thematically, Kingdom of Legend scrapes together the themes that run through dozens of slots, mixing them into a action-packed adventure.

There is also the strange elf maiden, to keep things clean. The reels come to a stop having a satisfying clang, whilst firing strikes from the background and some wins are wrapped up at a gilt-edged line.

Novomatic have intentionally made the match historical putting ambiguous, but there are parts of Roman and Greek mythology contained here with a flair of Lord of the Rings.

Fight for Bonuses

Whenever you score a win at the match, even if it's only 3 low worth matching symbols, you'll be able to activate the bet feature in an effort to double your winnings. Guess the color of the next card which looks, red or black. The previous five cards have been exhibited on screen for your advantage, though in fact their colours don't have any bearing on what the color of the next card might be. If you guess wrong, you are going to drop all the winnings you have only earned on slots.

The playing card symbols, that occupy the decreased worth on a pay table, are worth a mere 8 to 3 in a row, increasing to 4 to 4 in a row and 200 for 5.

Five of the match's warrior protagonists, but are worth a commendable 400 for 5, while in the peak of the heap, the female elf is worth 500 for 5. The wild symbol is performed with a hooded man with a bulbous nose crazy will substitute for some of the normal playing symbols.

While the fundamentals to winning Kingdom of Legend require no excuse, there are a couple of deft touches built to this sport which elevate it above your typical run-of-the-mill . By way of instance, listen out to the orc, who's prone to emerging after having a losing spin.

Alternatively, he might trigger the bonus wheel, in which you will find significant (and small) prizes to be won.

Every one of those forms half the wheel and just when the two are side by side will the incentive wheel be triggered. There are two pairs of bonus wheels to be on the lookout for, both which might appear during one spin. Each distinct bonus wheel comprises its very own different bonuses.

As soon as you start the bonus wheel, then it is only a case of turning it and seeing what type of a decoration you flip up. You can get 10 free spins, a money multiplier value around 30x your complete bet or a shooter on the superb wheel, whose best prize is 1,000 your maximum wager.

Kingdom of Legend is a powerful entertaining sport from Novomatic which crams in several intriguing features and bonuses. The music's powerful, the images are great and the game play is very satisfying.

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