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Jean Wealth

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In the name it is not immediately clear what the subject of the slot is, no matter how the second it loads you will realise that you are in a hair salon -- the 'Jean Wealth Hair Salon' to be exact. This is among the more unique ideas for a slot, and Leander games need to be applauded for that -- the slot featuring such symbols as a hair dryer, a comb and scissors.

The slot has a genuine 'bubble gum' feel to it, using pink and bright being the 2 words that sum up the look most. Graphically the game is not anywhere close to the degree of a few of the cinematic slots you will find now, just drawn symbols put onto a soapy backdrop being the norm here -- nonetheless the animation style features of this slot enhance the visuals of this game. Lots of the symbols are playing with cards, which isn't perfect, particularly with such extent for an assortment of distinct symbols. The corresponding sound in the slot is quite simple, but does come into life (somewhat) throughout the feature around.

The game has two primary bonus attributes each triggered by scatter symbols. The first will see you gaining free spins, the other a pick-em round where you're endeavour to win an impressive multiplier.

This slot has the identical 5 reels seen at the vast majority of online slots, this one having 20 win lines. The 20 is the maximum amount of lines you're going to have the ability to play, however it is possible to play anywhere from 1 to 20 in the event that you desire. You'll win at this slot when landing at least 3 consecutive symbols in a row on a win line from left to right, buy you will also be paid out for landing just two of the hairdryer, the comb and the scissors.

The slot has an auto play feature, but you will only have the ability to set it to run for a maximum of 25 spins, which seems somewhat strange (why not longer?) . There's also a mute button, if the accompanying sound becomes somewhat repetitive.

The wild symbol will substitute for any other at this slot to offer additional wins and the game also has a typical scatter symbol where you'll simply earn a win based upon whether there are 3, 4 or 5 of the symbol on the reels.

Other scatter symbols incorporate the 'free spins' and the 'bonus' symbols which both take you to the features of the slot.

Here you're going to start off in the salon with 5 free spins and a multiplier of 1. However you'll choose one of four haircuts for each of the three clients in the salon and each haircut will come with either an extra multiplier or numerous extra spins. By way of instance, you might come out of this round with 8 free spins and a 4x multiplier.

Four clients sit in chairs each wanting a different hairstyle. You'll select one of several symbols at the bottom of the screen and have eight opportunities to pick the correct one per lady. Each proper hair style is going to have different multiplier attached and this will be applied to your whole stake for each spin.

Jean Wealth Slot - Conclusion

At first you probably won't be too impressed with this slot -- in comparison to a number of the slots found online today this one looks somewhat outdated. However, there are a few saving graces. The bonus features give the game an additional dimension, as they are both somewhat original, which certainly can't be said for the majority of slots. This produces the slot playable, but this isn't one that I'd be returning to play in a hurry -- Leander has produced many better slots than this one.

This slot might attract the player that has a spare fifteen minutes who would like to play a very low variance game where you'll have many modest wins in that moment, with the occasional feature thrown in for good measure.

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