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Top Ten II Slot Machine

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If there's something which Kajot applications is great at, then it's creating excellent slot machines of a classic calibre. High Five II is among those 3-reel matches that's remarkably straightforward to behold and much simpler to play. But then again, look are usually deceiving with these essentially designed aristocrat free pokie games by Kajot and this 5-payline game has a exceptional gameplay feature that will award additional big wins worth 5x the worth of prizes that are normal.

Just another 3-reel slot...

On the outside, this traditional slot machine is merely one more 3-reel match with a whole lot of fruit symbols, a few two-dimensional illustrations and common arcade sound effects. There aren't even any animations aside from a somewhat underwhelming splash of coins whenever the symbols align in winning lines. These icons include cherries, plums, oranges, watermelons, dual BARs, triple BARs, gold bells and blessed number 7s -- however you might have probably guessed from the moment we advised you this is a fruit machine fashion game at the exact same vain as other names from this developer like the Vintage 7 slot.

This slot machine has 5 paylines which are always fixed into position, running horizontally and diagonally through the 3x3 reel grid. Whenever this occurs, players will be given a reward, the size of which depends on the number of credits they place as a stake. The probable wagers which may be laid down are 10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1,000 credits -- all of which represent the complete bet as opposed to a line bet multiplier.

Should a player find three cherry icons on a payline, then they are going to be given a 2x total bet multiplier for a prize, effectively doubling their stake, while three orange symbols will pay a 3x stake prize, a row of plums awards 4x and a line of watermelons offers 5x. Golden bells, on the other hand, will fetch a prize worth 20x the worth of the complete bet and a row of 3 sevens will go for the biggest line win of all -- a 30x total bet multiplier.

Consequently, if a player was feeling risky and placed a 1,000 credit bet on a single spin, they could potentially land a winning spin of 30,000 credits should they line up three 7s on a payline.

If you believe that's a fantastic return, then wait until you hear that you could potentially win a 150,000 credit jackpot with the exact same 1,000 credit bet. How? Well, it's quite simple really -- you just need to complete line wins with three 7 symbols on each one of the 5 distinct paylines and you'll win a entire bet multiplier prize of 150x.

This feature applies to each symbol in the game, as you will notice from the little payline diagrams that appear lined up on both sides of the game screen. Each time a new three-in-a-row sequence appears, it is going to be highlighted in yellow until all 5 paylines are activated to award a prize that's 5x the normal payout value for this symbol. It is possible to see the entire payout schedule for single payline wins and 5-payline wins in the table below.

Every win that a players makes can be gambled for even bigger wins, whether or not it comes from a single payline prize or 5-payline prize. This gamble game follows the conventional Kajot computer software format which asks players to guess whether a dice will roll a red or black symbol. Correct guesses mean doubled wins and the opportunity to gamble again, while incorrect guesses will wipe all the accrued wins from the triggering spin and previously successful gambles. There is, though, a unique blue side to the dice which locks in the gamble stake, meaning that any subsequent losses are going to end in that amount being paid as oppose to nothing.

High Five II by Kajot software is another 3-reel slot machine from the Czech game designer which appears simple on the surface, yet is really rather intriguing and unique as soon as you get started spinning and sits well alongside other offerings like the Fruit Machine 27 slot. Admittedly, the game is a little dated on the visual front but, then again, most retro slots are. Instead, this slot is about keeping the spins going in hope that you may trigger that fifth payline for an extra large payout prize as you won't find the mass of expanding wild symbols or free spins available on a comparable video slot.

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