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Grand National Keno

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Of all of the selection of gambling games on the planet, Keno has established among the toughest to online casinos to produce fun enough for the change to online playwith. NetEnt have experienced a reasonable stab at it using Bonus Keno, by introducing a bonus round game to the conventional board and a minesweeper style gameplay.

Cleary however, British programmer OpenBet believed they might go a lot better, by smart usage of a motif based around one of their greatest annual horse races on the planet, the historical Aintree Grand National.

The Grand National for several British Market, is the 1 day of this year they'll place a wager with the bookies, for a few non-gamblers it's actually the only event they bet , with such a motif, its apparent OpenBet are targeting the British industry.

Is the design change enough to create this classic and traditional Chinese gambling game thrilling enough to get a new generation of internet players?

There can not be any doubt that the motif is the major attraction of the game, Keno after all, is fairly standard across various names, on this one, you have the backdrop of the renowned racetrack, with a board of numbers to select from, each representing an individual horse.

You simply get 40 numbers to select from, unlike the normal 80, but each has the option to represent one of the eight horses in the race to the finish line. Select your eight picks, select a stake and click go for the race to commence!

A 3D animated horses head, complete with a standard bookies hat and cigar, will commentate faster than you can make sense of, exactly enjoy the journalists on TV at the actual race, as each horse crosses the line their number will be shown on the board, hopefully matching your picks.

Only two correct picks will bring you back your initial stake, three will double it, needless to say, what you really want is all eight as that is an astounding 1000x your bet! The bets by the way, can vary from just 0.25 credits to 10.00, this isn't a high stakes game whatsoever considering the potential win.


This title adds some much needed fun to the basic Keno game, we love some of the crazy individual horse names that the game team has produced that run throughout the board during the race. For sure, the odds of that big eight pick win are small, but that hasn't stopped lottery players for years on end, we don't think that it will stop old, or new Keno players either.

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