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Gemstone Jackpot

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If your idea of heaven is to be inundated with an endless supply of some of the most gorgeous gemstones on earth -- then you're going to need to play "Gemstone Jackpot" a jam-packed bead jackpot festival from Mazooma. You are going to have the ability to acquire some seriously large prizes for locating loads of diamonds and selling them, and the sorts of diamonds you may find comprise Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, Topaz, Sapphires, and Amethysts. Everytime you find an assortment of precious prize-winning gemstones, you'll also get the opportunity to dig more fitting stones courtesy of this lock-and-spin feature.

Having a top-prize of 5,000,000 coins (oh yes, I really do mean FIVE MILLION COINS) that the stakes are a bit higher than normal -- but you are still able to go digging for the top-prize diamonds out of no more than 4 coins per-spin, although serious investors can pick the high-roller alternative of around 10,000 coins per spin. You may even organise all of your diamond surfing experiences via phone, with pills employing Android and Apple's ioS the preferred way of many who embark on this experience.

Each gemstone is from the top-draw to the four C's - colour, clarity, cut and carats -- and also the Amethysts and Topaz are cut into their favorite rectangular style that is great for necklaces. Meanwhile, Emeralds and Sapphires are trimmed in the square fashion which supplies more options including bracelets, rings, as well as Royal Crowns and Tiaras. If you're hoping to impress then the heart-shaped rubies are the ideal method to signify your love for someone whilst, if you're trying to take that love to the next level, nothing says I love you like a diamond that will knock the socks off anything you can purchase in any jewellers I've ever been to.

However, you can cash these gemstones in for some serious money, and Amethysts are worth up to 200,000 coins, Topaz up to 300,000 coins, Sapphires up to 400,000 coins, Emeralds up to 500,000 coins, and Rubies up to 1,000,000 coins. Nonetheless, it's the diamonds which are quite a girl's best friend since you're able to cash these in for up to a mind-blowing 5,000,000 coins.

There's nothing like a no-lose gamble when you've won a prize, and all winning symbols will lock in place whilst the rest of the windows are re-spun to attempt to make collections bigger and winning lines longer.

In A Spin

Gemstones of this beauty and value will put most people into a spin but if you can keep your head whilst many men or women are losing theirs, you will have a wonderful prospect of winning big. Simply decide to play 1 to 10 pay-lines on each spin, and then stake these lines with between 4 and 1,000 coins. This enables a minimum bet of just 4 coins a spin, and a maximum bet of 10,000 coins a spin.

A Real Gem

With gemstones that would have jewellers falling over one another, and a number of the biggest prizes available -- we're confident you'll agree this is a real gem!

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