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Fortune Pays

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In the event the crazy cat on Fortune Pays who dominates all of the visuals, looks familiar, it is probably because he seems to be a style amalgamation involving the mad Astro Cat slot along with the elderly, but still quite common Fortune 8 Cat slot character. The exact same could largely be stated for Fortune Pays as a match also, it shares the contemporary visuals and animations using Astro Cat however, as a result of some predetermined pay-line format, plays such as the more conventional Fortune game.

None of this explains the cat preference of Lightning Box Games, although when you do some research, the cat is in fact the ideal slot companion for this provider. In Japan there's a famous expression called the Maneki Neko. Directly translated to English -- the 'good fortune' cat, hence all of the Cat / Fortune games LBG have in their range, clearly a well cultured gambler or two on the design team!

This in depth knowledge is shown off in their slots in the kind of Easter Eggs, for example on the Fortune Pays slot the cat waves his hand and gives forth gold coins when he completes a win as the wild symbol. In Japan -- the cat figurines are often programmed to wave hands at customers in stores since there's a legend that a cat waved a paw at a Japanese landlord, who was intrigued by this gesture and went towards it. A couple of seconds later a lightning bolt struck where the landlord was previously standing.


As usual with Lightning box games there's quite a lot going on with the theme, the most important style is a classical Asian themed slot including all the music and symbols you would anticipate. The reel frame itself has a very traditional oriental wooden design and the backdrops of day and night may easily result from the many beautiful jungle landscapes of south east Asia.

The audio is far from bespoke, it's good, but it's also pretty much in line with each Asian slot you've ever played, though some of the sound effects are novel and it's all well produced. With the legendary Maneki Neko in play as the game wild, who stacks in the free spins round and doubles all wins everywhere in the game, it's apparent this is a great looking slot with the gameplay to back up the visuals, the music was hardly ever supposed to be the selling point.

Fortune pays is a fixed 50 pay-line game, unlike lots of the contemporary ways win format slots which form the backbone of a contemporary slots range. Given you can't opt for the lines, all there is to select is your initial bet, which carries an adequate variety and makes bankroll management nice and effortless. Veterans and newcomers to slots play should not have any issue with the controls and despite all the intricate details this plays very well on the little screen as a mobile slot.

Whilst the Wild symbol mentioned earlier doubles all wins it forms part of, it's the stacked function which really adds zap to the gameplay with all these lines in play. Also in the spins round, the maximum pay symbol on the slot, the dragon, joins the wild as a stacked symbol, offering the tantalising prospect of full screen wins.


With just 10 free spins on offer for a bonus, despite a re-trigger and the stacked symbols, this is one of few modern games where the base game play can frequently outshine the bonus. The triple multiplier does include spice only with the very low volatility of the slot, it is highly likely to be a whole lot more played by hobby gamers or as a completely free slot than as a money game.

That doesn't mean that you can't hit big on Fortune Pays -- a complete screen win is clearly written into the game mechanics by the usage of the stacked symbols, whether you do or not is all down to whether the fortune cat decides to bestow his luck upon you.

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