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Fantastic Fruit

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Fantastic Fruit is a non-progressive game brought to you by Merkur Gambling and attributes between 10 and 64 payout lines across 4 slots.

You're transported to a kingdom where fruit is simply fantastic at a location where you'll surely get your five daily. A apple a day may keep the doctor away, however you'll need several of these if you would like to win large on the reels of Excellent Fruit.

Around four reels, you may come up against all types of fruit a few you will love and a few you would leave in the refrigerator. Grab your opportunity to come out victorious from the fruity challenge and also read our entire review to learn more about the quirks and features of Great Fruit...

Limitations on fruit

Too much fruit could be bad for you and also this notion ingrained in your mind exactly the exact same concept is appropriate for bets. Fantastic Fruit includes a restriction on how much you can bet per spin. They've a minimum bet of 0.01 euros and a maximum bet of a single euro per bet lint. But don't worry -- there's not any limit on how frequently you'll be able to spin the game, naturally.

Playing the game couldn't be simpler: all you will need to do is match three, four or five icons in a payline to win your prize. Big cash prizes arrive with this one, so stay alert.

There are two distinct approaches that you can play Fantastic Fruit: you can be brave and select the 10-line payout, which is ultimately a lot harder. The other choice is to simplify the job at hand and opt for the 64-line payout and have more odds of winning -- well, 54 more chances to be honest. That's potentially more rewarding down the road.

You won't win any prizes for guessing the theme within this slot game. Fantastic Fruit is indeed about the timeless fruit theme with which veteran players are already familiar. You just can't fail with fruits.

Concerning graphics, Fantastic Fruit has enough to make it at the top end of the market for this sort of game.

The gameplay is quite rudimentary, which will allow players to get stuck in immediately. Select your payline and how much you would like to spend and spin that is it, you're all set. Cross your fingers tight, and the rest is all up to luck.

There's lots to get excited about with this game and you may begin with the number of jackpots on offer and the variety. OK jackpots may be stretching it -- the maximum you may win is 2,000 euros, but that's still a respectable sum and certainly nothing you ought to overlook. With a total of 21 chances to win from six distinct fruits and one lucky seven, your options really aren't limited here.

They're also the most frequent symbols to appear on the reels to compensate for that truth. The larger rewards lie with the Watermelon, Grape and naturally triple Seven symbol combinations, which are sufficient to make your credit total explode in an the blink of an eye.

Beginners especially will appreciate its simplicity and the ease with which they may begin betting and have fun on the reels. The game world is by no means first and the graphics could use a tiny bit of effort, but these components are also a part of the allure of classic slot games like Fantastic Fruit. There's no true strategy implied here, what you see is what you get and sometimes that's all that players are asking for.

Too many games attempt to go above and beyond, and while that can be a great strategy to be able to stick out within the market, sometimes you just need a straightforward game free of intricate backstory or gameplay involved. In such times, Fantastic Fruit is there to deliver precisely what you require.

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