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Dragons Blessing

The Golden Dragon is regarded among the luckiest symbols on the planet, but to be true to the legend you have to seek out the Dragon's Blessing if you'd like to be blessed with wealth beyond your wildest fantasies. This legend was beautifully integrated into this Dragon's Blessing slot game by Top 5 Games, and gorgeous images, animations, and 576 approaches to triumph will be immediately attractive.

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But exactly like every great slot sport, there is a lot more to keep you interested, such as line-bet multiplying prizes for lining-up that the Golden Dragon in all kinds of interesting places.

Golden chances

One of my favorite things about this particular slot is that the fantastic 3D animations that the dragons play when you triumph. There is a few frightening ones since the dragons turn towards you with teeth bared, but you will still be smiling all of the way to the lender when you see just how much they have slowed your line-bets by.

There are many places you are able to see the dragon inside, and lining-up 3 to 5 fitting symbols can win you a prize. You may see the dragon prowling from the backyard and win up yourself to 500x your own line-bet. You may also observe the monster flying majestically round the skies and win up to 500x, although the close-up of this dragon's mind will win you around 800x -- and I am positive that you'll be thankful of some of these dragon's blessings.

Additionally, there are other symbols to line-up that offer smaller but nevertheless important prizes such as for Oriental Puzzle Cubes, although blossoms, bonzai trees and poker symbols may additionally all give you a dragon's boon by fostering your financial balance.

To acquire the greatest Dragon's Blessings of though you will want to activate the Bonus Round, which you are able to do by turning from the Bonus Symbol (a dragon on a red background) onto each one of the 5 reels, that provide 576 methods to win, and arrive in a unique 3-4-4-4-3 place format.

You will be awarded a first 6 complimentary games from which you can attempt to win as many prizes as possible, however you can activate 6 free games each time you strike additional bonus symbols, as well as 300 free matches at any 1 bonus. Prizes may also be encouraged by the look of Wild Flaming Pearls that possess the capability to substitute for every other emblem if they can let you win a prize.

Regardless of there being an impressive 576 approaches to win on twist, each spin of the reels require just price you 80 credits, with a vast assortment of line-bets accessible - that recall will be used to multiply your own prizes!

Top 5 Games like to include popular Asian legends in their own slots as noticed on that the Zen Panda slot sport, along with the gold dragon may well fulfill the legend by reward you with a fantastic fortune. That luck may come in the form of monster symbols, or through those 300 free games offered from the bonus round -- but either way you will feel blessed!

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