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Dragon Showdown

Dragon is the title given to the greatest martial arts warrior, and in this thrilling and epic narrative you have to attempt to make this greatest possible accolade by beating three other musicians who also think they have the right to be termed the dragon -- therefore the Dragon Showdown has to start!

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There are lots of skills to learn how to master the 1,024 potential techniques to acquire on each spin of the 5-reel match, but the benefits for controlling them and beating Master Li, Mistress Yoko, and Master Yang are abundant and great. You may acquire an assortment of line-bet multiplying prizes and, in case you become the Dragon, you could also have good things depended upon you like Wilds along with a Bonus Select that unites free matches and multipliers in supreme mixtures. Windows telephones in addition to Mac computers.


You will first be asked to illustrate your abilities together with the dagger or using a bow and arrow and to pass on those tests you need to line-up 3 to 5 fitting symbols of every discipline. You'll be rewarded for your own art though with wins of up to 60x your own line-bet.

Always be on your guard though as some of those other Dragon candidates can attempt to defeat you in any given moment, and only 1 push of a Samurai Sword may cut off a great deal more than you bargained for. But, conquer Master Li or Mistress Yoko and every win can pocket up you to 100x your own line-bet.

But the dangerous challenger to the name of Dragon is regarded as Master Yang, and also to conquer him and eventually become the Dragon you have to line-up all of the symbols to assert 200x your own line-bet.

When it comes to beating your competitors, you might also use the ability of the Wild Dragon Showdown Logos that possess the capability to punch or kick some of these prize symbols from the way substitute themselves on a pay-line that will assist you produce combat winning combinations.

In honor of attaining the accolade of all Dragon, you might be awarded together with the match's supreme prize -- that will be your Bonus Select Feature. The Feature is triggered when you figure out how to reach three dojo symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 -- and you'll need to thoroughly consider and select 1 of 3 complimentary games and multiplier mix alternatives with which to enter battle with.

Choice two would be to choose the reduced risk option of enjoying with 8 free matches to collect prizes using a multiplier of 5x into 11x, or perform with the safest path to 18 free games with just a 2x to 5x multiplier in choice 3. The decision is yours but select wisely!You also need to make a selection of what size wager that you need to put, but you may enjoy all 1,024 approaches to win for only 50 credits per spin.

You just need to enjoy these kinds of epic adventure slots out of High five matches from which you can set yourselves in complete character style and choose what rewards are coming to you. In the event of Dragon Showdown the primary reward is that the Bonus Select -- which is 1 showdown you don't want to miss!

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