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Dr Feelgood

Nobody enjoys a trip to the hospital, however the match we are just about to present here may very well change your mind about that.

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Dr. Feelgood is a Habanero video slot game starring a charismatic physician who appears more like a movie star in relation to a medical practitioner. But he and his team are prepared to fix broken bones, heal ailments and fill your wallet up entirely with a few special characteristics which we can't hesitate to present to you.

So to be able to be sure both you're healthy, both physically and fiscally, let us check in and request a consultation with Dr. Feelgood immediately...

Dr. Feelgood may be happening at a hospital, but the game's setting is a lot lighter than you may be anticipating.

The background does appear to demonstrate that a huge hospital ward, with tiled floors and blue partitions intended to provide patients a little solitude. The game display is quite colourful and the reels stand directly in the center of it, using a light blue background with small hearts on it.

Dr. Feelgood doesn't seem like most slot games also stands outside at a peculiar manner from the other goods on the present marketplace. A hospital-themed game certainly sounds first, but let us take a look at the gameplay to determine how to create the most out of those unusual settings.

Before you begin spinning the reels of Dr. Feelgood, then you may want to have a little time to customise your wager preferences and adjust the degree of danger which you're ready to take.

Five slots and 25 paylines is you get here, and it is a classic slot game setup. Make certain winning symbol combinations seem on activated paylines to acquire a cash reward, calculated based on the form of symbols you scored as well as how big your bet. The (+) and (-) buttons on the control bar under the reels are here to allow you to correct the coin dimensions, amount of activated paylines and bet in only a couple of clicks.

Proceed on the following twist and click on the bet maximum shortcut to choose an additional risk to boost your chances at hitting a big win, or utilize the autospin way to put your preferred bet on many spins in a row, without interruptions. The game also comes with a progressive jackpot which may be obtained randomly, and also an optional bet mini game made to double every one of your own rewards.

The paytable of Dr. Feelgood is made up of 10 distinct hospital-related symbols which you have to collect to acquire particular cash benefits, which rely on their rarity.

The most frequent symbols signify a teddy bear, a prescription pad, a hospital bed, a few flowers and chocolate, a stethoscope and a phone. The utmost reward available here equates to 500 coins, and this can be far from being negligible.

The ambulance, hospital, patient and physician symbols are much rarer on the reels, but also more precious than the remain1der of the menu. So stay focused and don't let your chance to get a large win slip away.

Phone a Nurse in Case You Want Anything

Dr. Feelgood includes a couple of extra special symbols which deserve their own part within our inspection, so spend some opportunity to get acquainted with them and place all possibilities on your side right in the very start.

The wild card of this game is symbolized by a nurse. She is able to replace some of the other symbols in Dr. Feelgood and help you finish a few added mixes on the way. In addition to this, all of payouts out of mixtures featuring a minumum of one nurse have been doubled.

Should you land two of these on reels 1 and 5 in precisely the exact same time, a bonus round of 3 respins starts. The first and final reels are stored in place during, and also the respin counter is reset to 3 whenever a love meter or a nurse looks on the fundamental reels.

Dr. Feelgood stakes on a hospital to pull potential gamers, and the outcome is truly quite convincing. Unless you've got a needle-related phobia, you should have no difficulty winning and betting the reels.

The fundamental rewards are extremely generous, but the incentives are somewhat too few and far between. Be conscious of that and focus on landing routine winning combinations.

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