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Dr Enlarge O

If you're after some large spinning actions, then what better game to play than this particular slot machine that's based on a crazy scientist who's obsessed with making small things larger?

Dr Enlarge-o is a really enjoyable novelty movie slot with Novomatic with 5 slots and 25 paylines, and as the title may imply, there are loads of significant bonus features that could lead to some big wins for spinners that are mad enough to enter the insane doctor's lab!

Dr Enlarge O

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Step in the lab of Dr Enlarge-o and you'll see a whole load of weird and amazing items and tools that function as part of the mad experiments.

To begin with, there is a string of playing shaped sponges implanted in some odd fluids, in addition to some fearsome looking tweezers, a flask that's branded "Enlarged Vapor 3", a Bunsen burner, and a robotic arm that's used to perform all the handling of these dangerous chemicals.

Players will even get to satisfy the crazy scientist himself, who's intended to emulate some type of cross between Albert Einstein and Dr. Frankenstein's deformed lab assistant, Igor. On the other hand, the lab assistant of Dr Enlarge-o is far from being hunchbacked and bucktoothed, since she's actually rather a normal looking young woman -- she drew the brief straw in her work-experience positioning!

Each one the characters and items within this Novomatic other games on the market that use 3D images to make similarly themed games (we are considering Betsoft's Mad Scientist slot machine). Nevertheless, this game has lots of bright, vibrant and eye-catching layout qualities to keep players completely entertained as the reels spin.

One factor of the scientific slot machine that's especially eye-catching entails the game's key bonus feature -- the enlarging wild creatures. There are a variety of weird and fantastic monster icons that could arise during any twist on the second, fourth and third slots of the slot machine. In actuality, you will find 10 distinct creatures of various shapes and sizes -- a few are only round blobs while some extend their gruesome limbs and bodies in odd directions.

Each one the monster icons that appear on the reels will pay for 1 reel place and will function as a wild symbol to finish wins for normal lineup paying icons.

But every time a monster seems, Dr Enlarge-o will take a random laser round the reels and whether or not it strikes a monster afterward, you suspect it, the creature will expand to pay up to five reel positions. Thus, there'll be many more wilds in drama, and more opportunities to line those up all-important wins!

Expand your gambling balance

Talking of wins, all gamers must do in order to make prizes in this sport is lineup matching icons upon some of those 25 permanently fixes paylines. There are no dot wins included, therefore All the prizes are calculated by multiplying the "bet/line" worth by the next line wager multipliers:

Players may set a selection of wagers per line, from no more than 1 credit to up to 400 credits. However, a maximum total bet of 10,000 credits will yield a shocking 600,000 credits -- that isn't a terrible improvement with any slot machine's criteria!

Punters can also bet their wins up to a maximum of 5,000,000 credits using a 50/50 side game where players must guess the color of a flipped over card.

Big turning activity all round

Dr. Enlarge-o is a fun slot machine that features something just a tiny bit different from the usual. Perhaps to most intriguing element of the sport is that it ties from the subject using all the bonus gameplay, meaning players can observe the improvement of monsters to incorporate additional wilds into the reels and enhance winning chances.

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