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Diamonds Of Fortune

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A fortune in diamonds will be high in most folks's want lists, and Mazooma are giving you the opportunity to win only that in this enjoyable slot. And, despite the fact that this game is a normal all-round gem search in lots of ways, it provides lots more besides including a gigantic jackpot, and a puzzle Bonus that's four built-in capabilities.

We are going to begin with the gem search, as it is the gems which will certainly catch your attention when you first understand the match as they glow tantalisingly in the 5 reels and 10 pay-lines. The poker symbols are dressed to impress, and there is a Topaz Ten, an Emerald Jack, an Amethyst Queen, a Sapphire King plus a Ruby Ace which will provide you with prizes around 200,000 coins. The actual gems spend more though with Rubies and Emeralds around 300,000, Sapphires around 400,000, and Diamonds up to some trendy half-a-million coins.

Additionally, there are a lot of smaller prizes to be won, and 4 and 3 emblem prizes do not need to begin on reel 1, together with mixes paying out from reels 2 to 4, 3 to 5 and 2 to 5.

Among the most fun parts of this slot is the Mystery Bonus, and this is sometimes awarded at the conclusion of any losing spin, or even after a jackpot win. Once triggered, you might be awarded 1 of 4 built-in features, which are The Rewind, The Fast Forward, All Symbols Pay Scatter, and The Domino Symbol. Meanwhile, in All Symbols Pay Scatter symbols on the reels will be added up to award wins, and don't need to be on a pay-line. In the end, in The Domino, 1 symbol will speed around the reels changing different symbols to coincide with its own in attempt to award a good prize.

Whatever prizes you win in the major game gem hunt or in the Mystery Bonus, you might opt to gamble them on the Double-Your-Money Gamble Feature. This always common feature presents you with a face-down playing card and asks you to predict whether it'll be red or black. You may still change your mind at this time and collect your prize, or gamble everything on a straight double-or-lose gamble. But if you win, you may then collect or choose to gamble again.

1 prize that can't be gambled on the gamble Feature is the Jackpot and, I wouldn't think anyone would want to, as it stood at an impressive 3,640,214 coins when I was reviewing the game.

Since there are such gigantic prizes up for grabs, it should come as no surprise that this game is intentionally geared toward the bigger-hitters, and the spin-stakes reflect that.

Just as I thought I'd had my fill of gem-fests -- this one took me by surprise! Many big-hitters would be satisfied by the opportunity to win 6-figure sums for lining-up diamonds, but this game also provides loads of extras with a excellent mystery bonus and a gigantic jackpot -- definitely a diamond in the rough! Play it for real now at Bellfruit Casino who offer Mazooma and Novomatic games.

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