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Dead Mans Chest

Similar in many ways into the gambling firm's identically-titled single-line slot, this daring casino game includes 19 2 and more additional reels. Additionally, there are a couple of bonus features that the 1-line equivalent sorely lacked, in addition to two or three additional symbols.

Dead Man's Chest was released in 2006, and though the graphics have aged a little, it's still a fairly good video slot if you're a fan of 5-reelers. Then continue reading for a complete rundown of this seafaring multi-line slot.

Like the 1-line edition, the 5-reel incarnation of Dead Man's Chest is as simple as pie to play. Before you hit that big yellow Spin button, however, you'd better choose a bet. You will be delighted to know that the minimum bet for a single line is merely 0.5, making the general minimum for 20 lines a single credit. Players whose bank balance is in slightly better shape can lay down a line bet of 25, making their highest possible bet-per-spin equivalent to 500 if they're playing on all 20 lines.

When you've determined your bets using the Stake and Lines buttons at the bottom of the screen, you can take a minute to contemplate the game. And messages of congratulation once you hit a win.

Shipmates Ahoy

If you've played the 1-line Dead Man's Chest slot, you will recognise a number of the symbols. The skull and crossbones is back, as is the parrot, the pirate ship, the gold doubloons, the rotgun rum and the bearded captain of the ship. Now, though, some playing card icons have joined the party in the kind of golden Jacks, Queens and Kings. There's even a shiny new silver coin.

The pay-table is an improvement. The low-value playing cards might grant trifling amounts -- just 1 credit for three Jacks and, at the top end, 16 for five Kings -- but the sums jump quite a bit with the character symbols. Land three pirates, for example, and you're going to win 25; hit four to win 50 and five to claim 100. The silver doubloon pays even better: 50 for three, 100 for four and 300 for five, while the golden coin pays 100 for three, 200 for four and 400 for five. The best-paying symbol, once more, is the pirate ship. This one furnishes you with 200 for three, 500 for four and the 2,000 jackpot for all five in a line.

Wild Skulls and Squawking Parrots

There weren't any wild or scatter symbols before, but in this game, the parrot performs scatter duties. It can pay anywhere, not just left to right like the others, and grants free spins when found in combinations of three or more. Find three anywhere on the reels and you're going to win 15 free spins plus a cash value equal to 2x your stake. For four parrots you'll win 20 free spins plus 3x your stake, and for five you are going to be gifted 25 free spins plus a whopping 10x your line-stake.

The wild, on the other hand, is the skull and crossbones. This one substitutes for different icons -- except scatters -- to help the player make up wins. Additionally, it pays x2 on all combinations it will help to form.

There aren't any further bonuses to be on the lookout for, but provided the generosity of the free spins, that's hardly surprising.

Raiding the Chest

Dead Man's Chest is a 'what you see is what you get' type of slot. When there aren't a load of bonus features, there's certainly more than in the 1-line game, with the inclusion of both wild and scatters. There's also a wide betting range, and the pay-table has vastly improved, with more combinations to hit and better prizes to be won when you do this. And as the game has aged somewhat, the graphics aren't too shoddy -- think of it as a vintage slot and the 2D graphics can actually seem quite charming!

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