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Dead Mans Chest 1 Line

Dead Man's Chest is the title of a 2006 sequel to Pirates Of The Caribbean, but it is also the title of a one-line video slot in the OpenBet software stage. If you're nodding in agreement, and you enjoy playing on a lone payline, the game can be found at a plethora of online casinos.

This may not be the most feature-studded slot on the market -- there's just 3 reels, 1 row and one payline after all -- but don't let that deter you. The game pays in both directions rather than left to right, furthering your probability of hitting a win. Additionally, it is exceedingly easy to play, with a wide betting range, an auto play feature and a adequate pay-table.


The Dead Man's Chest 1 Line slot comes with a three-reel grid on the left hand side, and to the right, the pay-table, which appears to have been written on wooden boards. As you might expect given there are only 3 reels, the amount of symbols is low: there are just six.

Over the reel grid, you will see the name of the game, with loads of detail having gone into the logo design. The words DEAD MAN'S are formed by bones, for example, and imprinted onto a discoloured papyrus scroll. The reels themselves are easy, off-white and populated by the many pirate-themed symbols. At the foot of the screen, the dashboard was designed to resemble the control panel on a genuine slot machine.

Coin stakes, meanwhile, go from 0.25 to 10, with the player able to wager one, a couple of coins. Therefore, the maximum bet is 30 per spin.

There aren't a lot , therefore it shouldn't take us long. There's a golden doubloon, a skull and crossbones, the pirate's beloved parrot, an image of an eyepatch-wearing seaman (the captain of the ship?) The symbols are two-dimensional, cartoonish as opposed to photorealistic, but you hardly expected Avatar-esque graphics from a one-line video slot, did you?

Based on how much you bet, you can win amounts that vary from a single credit to 150 for combinations of 3 symbols. The doubloons are the sole icons which pay out for combinations of less than three: you can win instant prizes for just one, in reality. When playing with the maximum three coins, you are going to win three credits when just 1 coin pops up on the reels, or 15 for all three.

Among the best-paying symbols is the skull and crossbones. Three of these awards you 50, 100 or 150, based upon your bet. The multi-coloured parrot pays 25, 50 and 75, while the pirate pays 15, 30 and 45. With one coin, the rum receptacle pays 10, with two it pays 20 and with three, it's 30. There's also a pirate ship icon, which doesn't crop up too often. When you figure out how to land three in a line, however, it pays the game's jackpot. Sad to say, the pay-table doesn't allow you to understand what the jackpot is, but one supposes it is at least higher than 150.

When you hit a win, you are going to hear a tiny jingle of a sound effect and a congratulatory message will flash on the meter over the reels (Doubloons ahoy, Jolly Roger etc).

And, well, that's about it: no wilds, zero scatters, zero multipliers, no free spins, no bonus game, no randomly-awarded prize, no gamble game, no progressive jackpot. Safe to say Dead Man's Chest 1 Line is as basic at basic gets, but at least you're not likely to ask, 'Um, so what happens when...?'

All Aboard the Jolly Roger

Dead Man's Chest 1 Line isn't the ideal video slot ever invented, but it isn't the worst either. If you're a fan of three-reel, one-line slots, and you're tickled by the pirate theme, open up those spinnakers and sail onwards towards your destiny.

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