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Cat Scratch Fever

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If double entendres and daddy jokes are the forté, you really ought to look at a career in slots. No pun is too terrible to be mined for comic effect, as anybody who's ever seen an internet casino will attest. To all those endless rows of pun-laden slots it is possible to add this newest offering from Novomatic: Cat Scratch Fever.

You most likely don't care too much to the backstory into the subject, but you are likely to have it anyway before we delve deeper and have a better look at the qualities. 'Cat scratch fever' describes a disease that's captured after you have been scratched by a cat. Novomatic have made the inspired choice to take this unsavoury idea and set it together with Saturday Night Fever. The outcome?

Produce Some Scratch

So that is the idea. On the outside, this movie slot accords into Novomatic's tried and tested formula, together with 5 reels, 25 lines, free spins and a dual bet feature. Scratch a little deeper though (hey, it is not just programmers who will deploy poor puns) and there is more to the funkadelic infant than meets the eye.

On every one of the lines that are active, you can wager anywhere from 2 to 400 credits, causing a maximum bet-per-spin of 10,000 credits for individuals seeking high stakes playwith. Three fitting symbols in a row will probably be sufficient to catch you a piece of this action, however four- and - five-in-a-row combos are not from the question. After you've matched more or three in a row on some of the lines that are active, you will groove directly through the double or nothing attribute. Simply guess the color of the hidden card red or black -- to double your winnings or lose the whole lot. People that are feeling adventuresome can repeat the process, causing a potential yield of four times your first win.

No matter your take on Cat Scratch Fever, there is no denying its eye-catching layout. If your dancing feet simply can not resist tapping along, don't hesitate to get up off your seat and break some moves; there is no one watching whatsoever. (Notice: this is not recommended if you are playing in your job lunch break.)

While most Novomatic slots use playing card-based icons for reduced denomination symbols, they have gotten a bit more inventive with Cat Scratch Fever. The upshot is that what seems new and fresh (that is ironic for a retro '70s throwback); the only negative is the various values of the symbols may require some getting used to. Keep an eye out for afro combs, reddish suitcases and golden cups falling into perspective together with bouffant cats appearing as fly as Isaac Hayes in his heyday.

Two symbols you won't have any trouble identifying are rampant and bonus, since they're marked as such. As you would expect, the crazy -- that can be adorned with a purple glitter ball -- functions as a substitute for some of the additional playing symbols but for the bonus and may turn on some of these reels except for the initial one.

Money for Cats

To trigger the bonus feature, you will want at least eight bonus symbols to show up on screen. This looks like a tall request, but is not as difficult as you may think. Achieving this feat will require you to the Scratch and Win attribute, in which free spins are in abundant supply.

After two or more matching symbols fall online, you're going to be awarded the triumph until they are replaced with a fresh batch of symbols falling into perspective. In this manner, your prize bud can quickly swell into a decent size. All told, you'll win anywhere between 18 and 30 spins. Every successful winning twist counts as a 'scrape'. Notch a few in rapid succession and you will quickly end up nursing a terrible case of cat scratch fever.

It might be a zany idea, but Cat Scratch Fever is a ingenious 5-reel slot which will benefit you with tons of excitement. A few of the symbols might take a little getting used to, but as soon as you've deduced which ones are worth pursuing, the rest will fall neatly into place. Cat Scratch Fever is bright, vibrant and a lot more pleasing than its oddball title would indicate. Test it out for real cash at the both quirky termed Supergamintor Casino.

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