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Cash Machine

Money Machine is a fruit-themed 5-reel slot. Developed from the OpenBet platform, which boasts more than 20 clients in the internet gaming business, this is a sport that does not use normal paylines. Instead, the slot provides players with pay-outs whenever they could land three or more matching symbols -- on virtually any place -- starting in the leftmost reel. For that reason, Money Machine grants gamers lots of chances to make withdrawals: this hole-in-the-wall has 243 'methods to acquire'.

Cash Machine is a progressive slot which eschews a number of the familiar bonuses and incentives connected with fruit machines. There's absolutely no wild symbol to be on the lookout for, nor is there a mini-game with a massively inflated jackpot. However, there are a number of nice features, including an Auto Play function, scatter icons and multipliers.

If you expected the Cash Machine reels to be superimposed on an ATM, with a card slot and PIN pad, you're gonna be let down. There are 3 rows of symbols, meaning there are 15 icons on display at any 1 time. Each individual icon appears within a different coloured ring, which itself sits within a gunmetal-grey box. It's all a bit unusual, but the controls are easier to work out.

At the base of the screen, there are configurable tabs for Stake and Auto Play. Use the - and + buttons to ascertain your wager, and choose whether you would like to activate automatic twists. You are able to watch the pay-table by clicking on the button marked Pays at the reduced right-hand corner, and spin the reels by pressing the huge Play button.

Each individual, square-shaped symbol turns rather than a whole reel spinning at the same time. Symbols include watermelons, bells, grapes, blueberries, cherries, BARs, a red 7, blue 7 and a gold 7 with the term JACKPOT beneath. The gold 7s crop up pretty rarely, but should you find three or more anywhere on the reels, you are going to qualify for one of 3 pay-outs. While three scatters pays 10x your complete stake, four pays the 'Mini Jackpot'.

Five red 7s, for example, pays 121,500, while four pays 8,100. Bear in mind, however, max bet is a whopping 1,000 credits. It's unlikely many players will be gaming with this kind of ridiculous stakes. The minimum coin size, however, is 0.2, which means that you are definitely able to play within your limits. At minimum bet, the very same combinations of five red 7s pay 500, 100 and 50. The most bet will also pay 7,290 for five blue 7s, 1,215 for four and 135 for three.

Again, the pay-outs vary massively based on how much you bet.

After the player lands five or more matching coloured icon rings, connected horizontally and/or vertically, a 'reaction' will be triggered. All symbols involved with the reaction will then vanish, to be replaced from the right by brand-new icons. It is a fairly neat, Tetris-like effect. The multiplier increases by one any further wins, thereby developing a lucrative chain reaction. The multipliers will be recorded in a box on the right-hand side, recording 'Blue Reactions', 'Red Reactions' etc..

Worth a withdrawal?

Let's face it, there's nothing innovative or ingenious about a fruit-themed video slot. They've been in existence since the president was wearing short pants. That said, OpenBet have tried to at least spice things up a little. The 'disappearing icons' feature is cool, and we like the ascending multipliers in that specific round. The presence of a 'jackpot' scatter is also welcome, although in our experience the blighters don't appear on the reels all that often. Landing three of them is tricky; we imagine landing five is damn near impossible.

Vast improvements could be made to Cash Machine, but overall, this isn't a terrible game. It's got a progressive jackpot, scatters and a nifty multiplier. Give it a go in free mode and make an educated judgement as to whether you want to stake real money.

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