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Blazing Star

Looks like men at Merkur have devised a time machine and shot us all back to the 90s if CDs were the rage, cafés were full of jittery pinball machines and each secluded corner of each casino and pub in the nation had a minumum of one fruit-ball slot machine to pull beginners and gamblers sitting on the weapon. We've got good enough reasons to state that, since Blazing Star is the perfect diversion -- in actuality, an homage, we'd love to think to all those bygone times when net was a phrase nobody understood the significance of.

Blazing Star

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Despite the fact that it's relatively new in the realm of slots (introduced in 2014), it's been able to receive that all-too-important traction that's a hallmark of popularity. , it may look only a touch childish and superficial, but let it have a benefit of the doubt, as it'll surely grow on you.

An overall consensus among regular revellers of slots seems to be that the simpler the gameplay is, the better is the general experience.

Blazing Star appears to pass this acid test quite emphatically. There are five reels here, accompanied by no more than five paylines. In case you've already started feeling disappointed since there are ONLY five paylines, hold your horses, for Blazing Star provides some of the best odds you can find anywhere on the circuit.

Throughout our extensive slot survey, there are just a small number of times where we've encounter a slot that pays out for as few as two matching symbols. The great news it, you guessed it -- Blazing Star happens to be one of them!

Here's the Way to Begin Winning

Because most individuals appear to play Blazing Star online, we're putting the offline machine on the backburner for the time being.

It's only a matter of creating a wager and pushing the activator (virtually, albeit). Wagers can be earned in the increments of 5 cents while $10 is the highest it's possible to wager in 1 spin (too little, we know, but that's how things stand here).

The payout will be dependent on the mix of three influencing factors. These are:

By way of instance, if you wager $1 and you match three symbols with a whole payout factor of 5: BOOM -- you've just become $5 richer!

No-Nonsense Symbols

Time to be blunt. If you're searching for high adrenaline drama that you normally associate with a slot, Blazing Star is NOT for you. It is an easy and sweet retro slot that bears no deceptions. What you see is what you get, and we don't think we would ever crib about it.

Symbols, as mentioned fleetingly earlier, could be somewhat childish (apples, pears, cherries -- you get the idea, do not you?) . You want to notice here that these aren't default symbols. These have to be activated as you play along. Like in blackjack, three consecutive luck symbols (fruits) bring the maximum payout factor of x1,000.

What's Not so Great?

The only disappointing thing -- and quite rightly so -- that most players would find while playing Blazing Star is that developers appear to have overlooked the potential for a jackpot or a wild symbol. There's absolutely not any scatter symbol, either.

The only way that you can aspire to jump over the utmost winning of $10,000 is by activating the gamble option as soon as you win. There's a catch, though. You can't find this option unless your winnings exceed $50 in 1 go. To cut the long story short, this means that in case you win $50 or less, you must take those out as they are.

Start with Star

Minimalistic, simple and splendidly retro, Blazing Star can be a good starting point for you to have a sense of slot games. It definitely has what it takes to keep you occupied for a little while, but that's that. Don't expect to discover your name in Forbes even if you hit the very best combination!

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