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Baseball Bucks

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Hold up sports fans since the game of this century is about to start, the newest online slot sport out of Lightning Box Games is here and wow, can it be a spectacular release. Based on that most popular of US pastimes, Baseball, the new Baseball Bucks slot could possibly be the best slot game which LBG have so far released, it might even qualify as one of the very best sports themed slots out there in the industry also.

Whilst the real-life World collection of Baseball only actually contains the USA and Canada, players from all over the world will have the ability to enjoy this new sport that is accessible with no download necessary and continues to be optimized for both mobile and desktop device play. It is available free to perform along with to get real cash so catch your hotdogs, popcorn and a coke and sit into spectate as we choose to the diamond and expect to hit a house run!


Lighting Box Games have knocked the ball out of the park using the plan work with this particular slot game with focus on detail throughout. The reels are a scoreboard layout and within this arrangement the playing card numerals appear in motif, the background is a baseball arena that erupts into existence with a feature or win and the voiceover effects sound the same as a real life over the top sports commentator.

The team mascot of a stag not only serves as the games bonus scatter but also entertains on and about the reels in a assortment of animation sequences and additions, he's only part of the fun with every win, bonus combination and feature all seeming to have a excellent exceptional animation sequence of their own which tie in perfectly with the style and theme of the game.

Outside the playing cards and the stag (well thinking about the game name, he's a 'buck'), a baseball playing card forms the base game wild whilst a stadium, hotdog with drinks and a cheeky blonde cheerleader round out the higher paying icons on the slot.

The setup is much simpler to understand than the game of baseball itself, with 25 pay-lines and a very simple bet per line, it's only a case of selecting a bet value and then sitting back to enjoy the action by spinning the reels. All the included audio and visual entertainment manages to handily distract from how the wins in the base game are frequent, but very low, you want to chase down 3 or more of the bonus baseballs with the buck image on to trigger the free spins round if you would like to win big.

The bonus feature round is equally as incredible to play as the base game, three scatters wins you the base 6 free games with the conventional game wild active, before the spins start you get 3 strikes of the bat in a pick win game to enhance the rewards which will be on offer, with extra free spins and extra wild symbols up for grabs.

You will face off as the batter with 10 picks readily available, here it is possible to reveal 1-3 extra free games per pick and accrue up to 4 symbols to be fully wild for the whole period of the free games. Exactly like in the genuine sport, 3 strikes will see you out so opt for those picks carefully to maximise the free spins rewards!


As always that does affect the base game play but Lightning Box Games have managed to keep the entertainment factor high enough there that you don't mind, consequently, it's near to the ideal slot setup with something on offer for all sorts of players. We could request a progressive jackpot, but honestly, that's just being fussy, this is a home run!

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