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Auction Day

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Prepare for the most effective open home of our days! Released with a massive fanfare at 2015, Auction Day, a treasure/antique searching video slot with Magnet Gambling, is all but guaranteed to keep you on your feet and provide you with a bagful of coins to get smaller wagers. All you may want out of a slot of your dreams is here -- particular symbols, bonus rounds and also miniature games.

Oh, yes -- you now have a shot in two quickly replenishing progressive jackpots from wagering only 1 coin in Auction Day! Sounds like your type of a slot machine? Go ahead, try your hands...

Magnet Gambling -- Innovating Since Permanently

Magnet Gambling may not be the biggest name at the iGaming industry, but it's certainly one which draws attention.

A whole lot of this prestige has to do with the truth that Magnet Gaming has always been in the forefront of innovation when it comes to slot growing. From automated slots to those which pay out instantly, Magnet Gaming slots have always been embraced by slot lovers for their sheer innovation value.

Auction Day stands up to this reputation of the developer by offering a lot of new features like double-progressive jackpot and as many as three mini games -- all complimentary!

Like most things in life, the very first impression matters for slots too. We don't think Auction Day has got too much to worry about in that department, however, only because it seems fabulous right from the loading screen to the payout screen.

Employing the very best 3D graphics of modern day, Magnet Gaming has made sure that Auction Day looks as clean and as sophisticated as a number of the high-end slots which are out there to entertain high-rollers. The symbols are crisp and clear, the reel spinning graphics are eye catching and above all, there's absolutely no clutter on the screen.

Employing HTML5 codecs, the game loads, launches and plays out at lightning fast speeds when you've got a very good online connection, and it can be played on phones/tablets with just as much of ease as it can be played on desktops/laptops.

Considering all the achievable bases covered, the one thing left to discuss now is the gameplay itself.

Because that's when you have the very best possibility of shooting down some precious antiques at cheap rates and win coins in the procedure. Conspiracies involving all of these can dictate how and what you'll be taking home, come the close of play.

It's surely not as straightforward as hitting the 'Spin' button and sitting back in anticipation. You'll have to be on alert throughout the game, as some symbols (especially the high paying ones) have a propensity to take you by surprise.

Gearing up for the Large Auction

The backdrop for this slot offered by, as can be guessed easily, an auction house. 9 squares made by 3x3 reels will play hosts to many different items which are being auctioned, awaiting right prices from right type of people.

Hitting 5-of-its-kind combinations are often very difficult here, because the amount of symbols (up to 10) is on the higher side. But that's fine, because 4-on-4 symbols supply a fantastic rate of returns, too. You're permitted to wager up to 10 coins per line, meaning that your wagers are limited by 80 coins per spin. As the maximum coin value is capped at $1, you'll have the ability to wager no more than $80 per spin.

The maximum jackpot that one has a fair probability of winning through the base game (remember -- we aren't taking mini games into consideration here, as at the time of reviewing, they were temporarily made unavailable by the developer) weighs 12,000 coins. The progressive jackpots are activated once you make positive wagers.

Every Day at the Auction

Auction Day is an extremely entertaining slot that looks good and plays even better. We'd surely have been more comfortable with higher coin values and more paylines, but in the given setup, the slot still manages to keep the playing field even. And needless to say, mini games and progressive jackpots are as fantastic deal-clinchers as any!

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