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Bitzino Casino

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BitZino Casino Inspection

BitZino Casino started in 2012 and enabled customers globally to place wagers with Bitcoin. However, the website has not been upgraded since the launching, and it is a shame since it appears that the site has been originally established in ancient times.

Bitzino Casino

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Thinking past the fundamental layout, bitZino Casino provide a terrific assortment of casino games without any limitations. Proprietary software is used through the casino, which means that you won't find those matches on any other internet casino.

Owner and Service

There's quite limited information recorded on the bitZino Casino site, so we needed to do plenty of digging to learn who the owner was. Solar Communications is the operator and they started the casino a couple of short decades back, enabling Bitcoin users globally to play with a fundamental choice of deposit casino bonus games with no applications or fuss. Obtaining the site can only be accomplished through the English terminology and you may just put bets using Bitcoin.

It was no surprise for us to observe that bitZino Casino simply offered one path of calling customer care, which was via email - [email protected] The total amount of time you need to wait to acquire a answer is anybody's guess regrettably.

We could not locate any advice regarding what gambling permits bitZino Casino hold.

You're offered a very fundamental casino offering that is:

There are 1 match in every section and it'll load to match the tiny box that is featured on the welcome screen. It simply shows you that your reels as well as the 5 paylines and that is it - no extra bonuses or features.

BitZino Casino provides players the chance to get into the 6 matches by means of a cellular or tablet device. The method by which in which the site loads in your cellphone is just such as the desktop version - fundamental, blue and gray with restricted games and alternatives. The only benefit of playing through your cellphone is the simple fact that you don't require any programs or applications to begin.

Blue and gray - that is the color of this internet casino and it's a color scheme that's featured throughout. There's restricted navigation tabs on exhibited, due to the dearth of gaming choices and promotions. The welcome page isn't a welcome display as we understand it - it is simple and not very tempting.

We believe that the method by which in which the casino was designed is putting off people playing here - it is far too simple, offers barely anything matches shrewd and with no promotions at all is an entire let-down.

Bitcoin is the only deposit system approved here and you will find simple to follow directions exhibited, so you can finish the withdrawal and deposit procedure.

There are no time frames recorded for processing of refunds, and that means you may be waiting some time.

There are no wagering requirements because of there being no bonuses or promotions on offer.

We're accustomed to viewing brilliant, bright and contemporary internet casino sites that provides a great deal of gaming option - but the welcome webpage was quite dull with its blue and gray color scheme - it almost looked like a forum for us.

You expect to locate welcome offerings and gambling previews when you arrive in any gaming site, but if you arrive in bitZino Casino, it does not look as if you have to abide by a welcome display - it is within a Blackjack area and it is asking you to put your bets!

Under the Blackjack table, you'll discover the betting choices from broken up through to endure.

Rather an odd setup in our view, but at least the gambling choices allow you to forget about the inadequate design of the site.

What do we say about those matches? We need to say lack of matches because an internet casino offering only 6 matches is quite bad indeed. Not lots of effort or thought has gone into this casino and we'd be amazed if anyone really played here.

The design, design and matches looks almost as though the casino website was abandoned. Total overhaul demanded here, and extra features added to find the gamers in.

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